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We are your creative team, ready to help your customers find you online.

Imagine having all your website’s needs taken care of, with no hassle. At Web of Creativity, our designers, developers, and copywriters work together to build you the best online presence. We make sure your site is user friendly and eye catching, to build your customer’s trust, and keep them coming back for more.

Our Services

Your Complete website done seamlessly

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We design your website with the user in mind, so your visitors will love coming back to your site.

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We write copy that establishes a professional online presence and convinces prospects via targeted, research-driven messaging.

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Wide range of web development options to get you the site that runs how you need it to.

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We’re tired of seeing web hosts overcharge, so we’re offering savings guaranteed for all sites transferred to us. We also have an amazing base price to begin with.

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We offer branding services including logo design, color choices and more to get your business off to the best start.

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We’re your one stop shop for all your business’s needs.Need a brochure, business card, poster to match your brand? We’ve got you covered.

Awesome Clients

We have a unique story with each client.

“Web of Creativity completely transformed my website from basic to something truly beautiful. I would recommend them to everyone!”


Maurice Chirazi


“I’m reallllllly picky. I had a very specific structure for my overall site – and for each page layout. And I’m really finicky about design too. Rivka was the best partner – she went all in with my zillion instructions and she was so patient with getting everything e-x-a-c-t-l-y right.
Also – at the same time that I was being a control freak, I knew that Rivka knew what she was doing and that I could trust her recommendations.
The perfect balance, basically.”


Nikki Elbaz


“Rivka provides trustworthy technical know-how on web design, which is what we need. She’s responsive and professional, and I recommend her highly.”



“I was very happy with your service, good work, fast exactly what I needed.”


Miriam Stauber


“Everyone who views my new website comments on its elegance and professional quality. It was a pleasure to work with Rivka on this project. Putting together a website should be a collaborative effort. Rivka was very easy to work with as she was very responsive to my needs. She works quickly and when she says she’ll get something done…she does. You can count on her!”


Dr Alan Schnee, PHD


“Wow! What a professional looking website! Nicely setup, very clear, and user friendly. We receive many compliments on the site! Much continued success!”


Yisroel Donowitz


“I was amazed by the quality of Rivka Neumann’s work.  A number of innovative features greatly enhanced the final web site. I was also very impressed by how Rivka dealt with each of my requests promptly and efficiently.”


S. Feldbrand


“Our experience with Rivka Neumann was exceptionally positive in every sense. We required multiple tasks that were quite advanced yet she was always on time with all the deadlines of our timely projects. Dealing with her was also very pleasant since she exhibited a great deal of patience and understanding when it came to the particulars of our graphic and website needs. Looking back we now are extremely grateful for the wonderful experience we had while having our website designed.”


Mr. Joseph Leiberman

Roeinu Magazine